Why the Bundesliga is dying

After the incidents of the Champions League semi-finals 2013, German football is evidently on a rise. But starting next season the German League may be on a fall.



There seems to be a new force in football, a new era, a new dynasty. Ever since Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund Dumped Spanish duo Barcelona and Real Madrid out of the Champions league, the German pair have acquired many new fans.

Barca and Madrid were considered to be the two top teams in Europe in recent years, and despite their very talented squad, they fell to the Germans. Such was the football exhibited by them; they were fitter, stronger and faster. Dortmund may have let Madrid briefly back in the tie after conceding two late goals in the second leg, but that’s a big feat considering their entire first team combined costed less than Madrid’s Kaka alone. Bayern on the other hand had the skills as well as the finance, and it showed as they left Barca in the humiliation of a 7-0 aggregate victory. The signs couldn’t be clearer. The Germans were now the best. And there is no doubt that the Bundesliga will have more viewers now!

But is the German League really going to the heights expected of it? Not really. Just like La Liga, the Bundesliga is nothing but a two horse race. Even worse, it will soon be a single horse race! The Bavarians have not taken kindly to BvB recent successes. The only team that has a chance to challenge Bayern in the league in Dortmund and Bayern are making sure it doesn’t stay that way. Using their impressive economic efficiency, Bayern have been building a team with no weaknesses to get back their Bundesliga title which have been held by BvB for the past two years. In the course they’ve also won the Champions League from BvB. But the real sucker punch came when Mario Gotze decided to make a controversial move from BvB to Bayern.

Here’s why it’s controversial: Mario Gotze represents BvB, he represents their whole project, he was a product of their academy, he was their star player. Him going to Bayern is like a move from Barca to Madrid or vice-versa. Unthinkable!! Not only does it strengthen the German Champions but it also weakens their only threat.

Now, BvB have lost important players before. Nuri Sahin made an ambitious swith to Real and Shinji Kagawa fell to the temptations of Old Trafford. But their replacements have been even better. Whats more, after miserable spells at Madrid and Liverpool, Sahin is now back at BvB. In short, BvB are in a better position now. The very fact that Dortmund recovered from the very brink of bankruptcy to losing the Champions League final by a last-gasp goal is extroardinary.

But with Gotze joining the Bavarians and Lewandowski also leaving (possibly to Bayern too), there seems to be no way BvB can catch up with a Bayern coached by Pep Guardiola. It may happen, but its highly unlikely.

BvB still have the necessary first team to challenge Bayern, as seen by their excellent performance in the Champions League final without the services of Gotze, but they do not have the necessary depth to challenge for the League title.

The title is now Bayern’s to lose.

-Mohammed Rizwan

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