Instant Noodles contain wax? – Internet/Facebook Rumour

This email purports that when eating instant noodles one should leave at least 3 days between “sessions” or face a build up of wax – which comes included in the noodles – failing to do this can cause cancer.

The warning is utterly baseless and completely untrue. Firstly, we could find no evidence that instant noodles come with a “wax coating”, nor any reason that they should. A wax coating for instant noodles would be pointless, since to prepare noodles one has to first boil them – a preparation that would certainly melt wax to the point where it would be useless anyway.

Secondly, even if noodles did contain wax, wax does not cause cancer, nor is it likely to “build up” in your stomach. There is no medical reasoning to support the assertions that wax can build up in your stomach or that it can cause cancer.

Again this email warns of potential dangers of wax build up, and even though it does not mention cancer like our example, it does claim such a build up can be fatal. However just like our example this message failed to back up its claims with any evidence or medical proof.

Instant noodles do not cause wax build ups, or cancer, and this message should not be circulated.

The Internet, and social networking sites like Facebook, are perfect platforms for spreading untruths, misinformation, rumor and propaganda. Thousands of inaccurate, exaggerated, deceptive or just plain false messages are circulated every single day.

For the anti-scam community to successfully tackle this plethora of false rumours, it is important that anyone who uses the Internet be able to identify false rumours and fully understands the possible consequences of spreading false information.

We have a two part blog post that helps provide this information. Part 1 deals with how to spot and debunk Internet rumours and Part 2 deals with the reasons why you should never circulate false information.

Additionally if you have fallen for this rumour or have Facebook friends that have, you can join our growing Facebook page here.image


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