USAir….no comments

Shared with us by a USAir pilot, this tale sounded too good to be true and is, according to airline officials who describe it as another urban myth. (A West Coast version has it as a United flight.) Seems a USAir employee with the last name of Gay was flying on a company pass. Mr. Gay found a man in his seat and sat elsewhere. Since the plane turned out to be overbooked, a ticket agent approached the man in Mr. Gay’s assigned seat and asked “Are you Gay?” When the bewildered man nodded that he was gay, the agent said, “Well, get your things, you’ll have to get off.
The real Mr. Gay overheard and quickly interrupted, “I’m Gay.” The agent told him he’d have to leave the plane at which another passenger, observing this whole scene, announced defiantly, “I’m gay, too. Heck, you can’t throw us all off.”



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